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“Seeing come before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak.” -John Berger

Before talking about what exists in a city, it has to be learnt how to look at the things in the city. The answer of “Is there any impression of Bauhaus in Adana?” is hidden in that approach. Is it required to look for traces of Bauhaus movement just in the buildings which are already known in archives or is it enough as an answer to find a trace of a texture which has this movement’s impressions already? We looked for traces of Bauhaus movement in the area which includes Cemalpaşa, Reşatbey, Çınarlı, Kurtuluş and Döşeme neighbourhood which is the design and partly implementation area of Hermann Jansen’s first plan for Adana between Train Station and the historic city center. Sometimes it appeared on a window frame, sometimes in a terrace of a roof top. Sometimes it found us in a wealthy neigbourhood, and sometimes at the start of an unexpected street with balconies. While we were discovering the traces of this transmission between two different lands, we decided that it is another way to make the city visible is to show it. We aimed to gather our working process which we learnt how to look more in every trace we found and every detail which is saved to our memories as we look as a documentation work with you. And we want to thank you to everyone who supported us for this work which prepared for the 100. Anniversary of Bauhaus in cooperation of Goethe Institut Ankara, Turkish German Cultural Cooperation Association and the Adana Chamber of Architects.

Goethe Institut Ankara

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Türk Alman Kültürel İşbirliği Derneği

Güzelyalı Mah.81123 Sk.No.4-1

Çukurova - ADANA, Türkiye

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Mimarlar Odası Adana Şubesi

Reşatbey Mh. 62009 Sk. No:4 Baskın Apt. Zemin Kat